M31 | Lil Worlds Series

"LillaOro 02B", "Rosso 02B" and "Verde 01B" have appeared, suddenly and in an unstable form at the Art Basel 2023.
The following images are available courtesy of the Gallery.
The first analysis of the Meteoric Smoke Particles from Galaxy M31, confirms that "Outside There Is More".

World name: Lilla Oro 02 - B
World name: Rosso 02 - B
World name: Verde 02 - B
Numbered series: 1/20
Quotation: 950 Euro
Referred to the bundle version: Digital + Physical 
Year of creation: 2023

Digital version
Loop - Format 4K UHD - Lenght 59" - Soundtrack, "8-20" remix by Aua + Division.

Physical version
Fine Art print 27x48 cm, delivered with frame and passe-partout.

Thanks for your kind interest.
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